Thinkers think and doers do

„Thinkers think and doers do. But until the thinkers do and the doers think, progress will be just another word in the already overburdened vocabulary by sense.” We have chosen this old La Rochefoucauld quote as our New Year’s message. Why?

Progress comes from seeing what we do not see. Daring to go where we never allowed ourselves to go – that can change perspectives. Search for blind spots! In yourself, in your work, among your friends, colleagues. Hence, searching for safety is our instinctive reaction. Making our bubbles smaller gives the feeling of having more safety. A bubble is not just the number of people you connect with. Tradition, rituals, ways of thinking, religion – very useful bubbles. Breaking bubbles, believing in the new without losing our inner values – that is a challenge we are facing with. Your inner stability, being courageous enough to embrace new things – that will bring all of us forward.

We were lucky enough to have met wonderful people on our way since September 2023. Thinkers who dare to do and vice versa. Just to name a few of them: Annamaria Olsson, Alexander S. Wolf, john powell, Sara Grossman, Tiago Gonçalves Nunes, Robin Sontheimer, Ana Álvarez, Sophia Katharina Burton, Joerg Geier, Firas Khalifeh 👽, Ragıp Zık, Ph.D., Nicole Loeser, Anna Gottschalg, Jim McSherry, Dr. Ulrich Becker, Achim Jeckel, Christian Wolf, Christian Stahl, Anja Schmidt, Silke Georgi, Vera Kämpfer, Jeff Kwasi Klein, Majid Albunni, Mohammed El Ouahhabi, Fanni Gabor, Omar Asmar, Sabine Stengel, Bence Bodnar, David Lubell, Leonor Babo, Henrique Nascimento, Christophe Knoch, Maik Bauer, Barbara Vid, Deana Mrkaja, Balazs Denes, Kate Dearden, Khaled Abdalla, Zina Hmidan, Mariam Hamad.

We are thankful for all of them, and we can’t wait to meet the ones we haven’t met yet. Because until thinkers do and doers think….“

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