Our Plans For 2024

Wahlheymat functions as a think-and-action tank. We are engaged in a continuous ideation process, from which projects of varying scales and fields emerge. We crystallize our project ideas to identify co-creation partners. Here are the projects we are currently working on in various phases of our Ideation-Crystallization-Co-Creation process.

1. Berlin Belonging Platform

To make Berlin’s political, public, social life easily accessible. A  simple beautiful open source tool we will design with the best experts in cooperation.

2. Heymat Haus

Imagine a place where all the nations in Berlin have a space to showcase themselves and meet, including German federal states. The majority of the building comprises activity spaces designed for mixing, exchanging, debating, and creating together. Share food, develop ideas for renewing society and public life. Having fun by creating the non-national free state of Berlin, where everyone is at home, feeling equal, heard, and respected. What if we bring our dream to the Berlin Central Library, creating a vibrant, modern urban space?

3. Berlin Vision 2033

There are so many fantastic initiatives, complex projects, future planning in the city – GICA, EXPO 2035, Olimpia 2036, and Stiftung Zukunft Berlin is also working in this direction – just to mention some of them. Still we at Wahlheymat have the feeling, if you ask anyone about the Vision of Berlin – no-one has an exact answer. So we will create our 10 years vision and will discuss with our broad community.

4. Research

In a cooperation with CitizenLab, that is a perfect platform of constant research and understanding of citizen’s needs, empowering everyone to participate in society.