Schaffen wir das – noch mal? Can we do it – again?

We are confident Germany can do it again. However, this is a complex challenge and doing again should not mean doing the very same way! We at Wahlheymat are here to contribute to this work in Berlin and open to co-create a renewed strategy. We believe that natives and newcomers should think and act together. Each of us has a role to play in this – it is not just someone’s business; it’s all of ours, every Berliner’s.

We chose Berlin because this city represents the true essence of tolerance, resilience, and diversity. Despite all the challenges, we deeply appreciate all that it has to offer us.

We see Germany and the German people working hard and with genuine positive intentions. They are not just talking the talk, they are taking concrete action and investing significant effort and resources to address these issues. Moreover, Berlin is full of wonderful initiatives, NGOs, non-profit organisations and grassroots movements, social businesses. It is incredible to see how many people work tirelessly every day to create an inclusive and tolerant society.

And despite all these:

  • Germany performs quite poorly when it comes to welcoming, according to research
  • Openness to migrants has drastically declined (74% of Germans are no longer in the mood of welcoming refugees – tells a poll made by ‘Der Spiegel’.)

We have spoken to many people in the 1 year since the idea of Wahlheymat was born. Germans are telling us what they think and feel about the issue and like the newcomers, we at Wahlheymat have our own stories and experiences of integration into society. 
The challenges seem to get bigger and more complex every day. Unfortunately the frustration is growing. The world is changing very fast, so we need to be prepared and act quickly.

Maybe it’s time to ask new questions, and time to find completely new ways. Maybe it’s time to really harness the full potential of newcomers and involve them more in developing solutions. Perhaps we need to listen to each other even more carerully, learn from each other and think together to find new answers to the challenges we already face and the new ones ahead.

We at Wahlheymat certainly don’t have all the answers, but we do have some ideas, an open heart and a willingness to contribute.

We believe in Berlin and that this place can undoubtedly show that it can be done – where else but here? We are confident that we can make it happen – together. Berlin is a living example and symbol of unity – let’s join forces and unite for our common goals. Perhaps this can be another level of unity – that everyone can benefit from.

Diverse voices tell the complete truth.

Stay tuned and like, share, comment!

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