One Berlin – One People – One Future

During India’s G20 presidency, the old Sanskrit phrase ‚Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam‘ (translated as ‚One Earth-One Family-One Future‘) became the central piece of communication.

These days, when reading the news, this phrase comes to mind. The vast majority of people simply wish to live in peace as one big family, and yet, there are flaming conflicts, wars, and growing tension.

What can we do? How can we help? What is our duty?

Wahlheymat’s response is clear: do even better at what you believe in. We are on our way to create programs that lead to a deeper understanding among very diverse people who live in the same house, street, neighborhood, district, and city. We want to build an inclusive society where everyone feels at home.

If the world shows symptoms of instability, the best thing we can do is go to the lowest possible level, to our surroundings, and create a peaceful and understanding environment in our ‚actio radius.‘ Here, diverse people, even strangers, do not see fear in each other but feel a common belonging. Listening to others‘ problems and anxieties is the first step in building trustworthy relationships. Berlin should be a big network of small communities. That is why we say: One Berlin.

In a society with people of different origins, languages, and religions, the key word is inclusivity. To provide equal opportunities and not allow anyone to feel excluded. Our aim is to make local-level policy-making inclusive as well. Give the same chance to everyone concerning voting, decision-making, and taking responsibility. That is why we say: One people.

Acting together, leading together is the only way a democratic inclusive society can function. We have to start with small steps, right where we live. Empathy should be our daily practice. We will regain control over public affairs, living in a modern 21st-century society. That leads to One Future.

We are more than pleased to listen to you. You can find us here or at

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