It is not easy to find your voice

It is not easy to find your voice. Even harder to use your voice. 
The biggest step is finding a purpose in using your voice.

I have been a proud Berliner since 2016.
I am one of over 1.1 million people in Berlin who have come here from various parts of the world. One-third of the city. 
Many of us have already gotten German citizenship, while around 900,000 live as foreigners.

It is important to note that the other two-thirds of Berlin are also highly diverse, with people coming from all corners of the Federal Republic (in addition to the ‘Ost und West’!!)
Many of them are second and third-generation immigrants. Meeting someone born in Berlin is quite a rarity.

Berlin has truly become a multicultural city offering immense opportunities. 
Richard Florida and numerous others have written extensively about how diversity fosters creativity, making diverse communities more effective and competitive.

The challenge lies in finding ways to unlock the full potential of our diverse society.

Diversity and inclusivity are our greatest opportunity and responsibility – regardless of the reasons for our arrival.

Wahlheymat aims to show the willingness of Berlin’s residents to build the best 21st-century society.
We want to activate all diverse citizens in Berlin. 
We want to connect with YOU. 
Wahlheymat is a grassroots community where we want to welcome you, your friends, and your broader community, so together we can build the Berlin we’re all proud to live and participate in.

It may seem like a long and bumpy road, but this isn’t ‘big’ politics.
It’s local politics, directly affecting our civic society and local communities.
It is our Kiez, our neighborhoods.
It’s about the lives of the people we love and care about. 
It’s about our own lives.

Because from time to time, we need to challenge ourselves and step out of our comfort zones. 
Sometimes by writing blog posts. 🙂
Other times by starting something new, or joining a new community.

Please follow us, join us, any questions – feel free to reach out.

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