Future of democracy

On the 17th January, we attended a celebratory event in the building of Berlin’s parliament (Abgeordnetenhaus von Berlin (Berlin State Assembly) We heard three talks about the past, present, and future of democracy in Germany. The discussions spanned 1.5 hours, covering history, challenges from both right and left extremists, and the impact of social media. While remigration was mentioned, there were no words about the lack of equality. There was no word about the current situation, where 25% of the population—non-German citizens—are excluded from democracy. We posed a question during the discussion round, but unfortunately, it was ignored. https://lnkd.in/g9RbjfH4)

Does German society in Berlin have a blind spot? For Wahlheymat, it is evident that Germany/Berlin, is at a critical crossroads. One path leads to a city/country for Germans only. The other path envisions a country with a mixed international society where everyone feels at home. There is no in-between. We believe in the second path, which needs democratic solutions. We must co-create new structures of democracy and co-own them. No one should be excluded based on their passport’s country of origin. ‚Zugezogene‘ (migrants, refugees, expats, people from 180 contries) should vote, co-create and co-lead this society. That is the biggest challenge for democracy. Who has a blind spot?

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